Thursday, January 28, 2010

Planning a wedding :)

I have been married for 8 years now, but as it was and actually still is hard times, and due to unavoidable circumstances, we were wed only civilly.

But everybody kinda wish that we will be married in church and this year I really am planning on trying to get married in church....

It's not easy though, expenses are expensive. Mind you I don't want a big wedding just a simple one but it still costs... I need at the very least Php 50,000 (about $1,000 or so) to pull off the simplest church wedding.

Right now, I'm still pooling resources, i've tripled my online activities in the hope that we can save enough to really do this...

Still keeping my fingers crossed that some kinda miracle will happen for us to really be able to go through with this.....

For my readers who want to help.. if you want you can 'donate' thru my paypal cynsorrera09 at gmail com while others can simply click an ad or two so that i can have my google adsense generate enough cash. Thanks guys :)

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