Sunday, January 24, 2010

Automated elections

the elections are coming up in our country, and this is the first time that the elections will be automated, first we thought that automation and computerization means that we don't have to write anymore and that voting will be on a computer screen but it seems like only the counting will be automated and I think it's much like taking the NCEE or NSAT or whatever the test is called now.

Voters will be given a paper with the names of the candidates listed and then he/she will have to shade the circle beside the name of the chosen candidate. I am sure that this will create some confusion most especially for our indigent citizens who can barely read and write, but the comelec or whoever came up with the idea, has come up with a great idea, a music video featuring the Sex Bomb, a well known, well-loved group of female singers/dancers, that teaches and explains how the automated voting will work.

Here is that video.


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