Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Official !!!

Today, Sen. Noynoy filed his certificate of Candidacy for the Presidential Race in 2010. It's official. He really is running for the presidency.

My thoughts. Yes, I believe that he is a capable leader and he can actually win the election with only Sen. Manny Villar his biggest opponent with Gibo running in far behind. I have said this many times, I believe that it's Noynoy's legacy to be president and that he will become president. Will he win this time? I'm not really certain, I believe that he is not as ready as he will be had he decided to run maybe on the next presidential elections, but heck, as everybody else is saying, it was the call of the people and his mom's death, well it was the match that lit that candle, so to speak. And with the support of his family, more so, his sister Kris, he might just make it. and when he does I just hope that he will make a good president for the country. I really just hope that he is the one that can really this country into a better tomorrow.

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