Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A long time

It's been a while since I posted here, it's just I've been trying to rest my back from staying in a fixed position for a time, it really hurts when I sit for long periods so I've been refraining from using the computer much, so I really haven't posted much of anything this past 2 weeks I think.

Anyways, much has been going on I can't seem to organize my thoughts.
First, 1st quarter of school year is over, my children are off to a good start I should say, My eldest who is in grade 2 is 4th honor in her class and I'm proud. And my youngest who is in kindergarten only had 2 mistakes on his 1st assessment examination and again I'm proud and happy. We celebrated by eating out and we received a blessing from one of their aunts (a cousin of my hubby) so we were able to buy new toys for the children as well and I'm happy again.

But much of my stress has been coming in from worrying about my mom, who lives with my sister and brother in Canada, but I'm saving that for another post, just watch out for it, I'm composing my thoughts about it already and maybe I'll even get some advice coming from my readers...

Well ciao for now and I hope to post again sooner rather than later..

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