Monday, August 24, 2009

A lesson well learned

Yesterday was Sunday so we went to mass and ate at the mall and bought some toys for the children and such. It was a very hot day indeed that the early air-conditioning of the mall weren't enough to really conquer the heat. So it was quite hot, but I didn't notice, no, I noticed actually but just didn't take notice. We went home and after a brief rest I started doing the laundry.

I went to the toilet to pee and noticed that my urine was orange in color, it was unusual for me but I shrugged it off (again) later on, I pee-ed again and still the orange color persisted this time it was more darker orange, so I thought to myself, what could be making my pee orange.. so looked through the net and realized that one common reason for orange pee was dehydration. Oh my goodness.. I looked back at my day and realized that I haven't drank any water for the day. For breakfast I had coffee and for lunch I had soft drinks then at home I didn't drink at all. It is such a shocker for me since I have tried to drink lots of water and with the heat I should have taken in more. And I should have known that, I even keep reminding my children to drink plenty of water, an advice I should have taken myself.... Now I'm working at hydrating myself, drinking water and that nasty nasty (for me anyways) oral re-hydration salt plus Gatorade.

I have learned my lesson well and know that hydration is very important not only for the children but for myself as well.

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