Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Farewell to Philippine President

I spent most of the day watching as President Cory Aquino is finally laid to rest, the service was finished at around 830pm, it was long since it started early in the morning, I was touched by Kris Aquino's recounts of her mother and continue to pray for them. I was also somewhat shocked to see Noynoy, shedding tears. It was touching for me to see him cry since for the most part I really haven't seen him cry during the wake but as they were sealing his mother's final resting place I saw his tears falling.

Today is such a sad day, as the Filipino people lay to rest one of its foremost leader for democracy and peace. I do not think that Mrs. Aquino was the perfect president, nor was she a perfect mother or a perfect person, but she did the best she could without compromising her dignity and integrity and that is what is most important for me.

I bid farewell to a president well loved, may she rest in peace and may the family and the people that grieves for her take comfort in the knowledge that she is with the Lord and with her beloved husband Ninoy and that she is free from all pain and suffering that she had endured her on earth.

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