Thursday, July 23, 2009

A new earning site

I came across this site... work-online from one of the members of the other online site I work on mylot. Anyways I just started, it's a simple way to earn if you like to write. I just started so I cannot really tell you much of it yet.. but its basically a website wherein you tell a story incorporating certain keywords and then if they like it, wah-la, you get paid I'll tell you more about it as soon as I get more details and as I progress into the site..


Taufik Zulhaerin said...

I long to join in mylot, interesting and not difficult. You will find the ease in starting a business online.

Roel said...

i think earning site still interesting

Ben said...

Hmm looks like a site worth looking at that is myLot.

CaNdi said...

yes, mylot is a legitimate site, has paid me a number of times already, it really is rewarding as long as you keep active.. hope you'll join mylot and join the family. You'll fine you'll enjoy it there :)

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