Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Michael Jackson Memorial Service

It was getting late... 12MN has passed but the service hasn't started yet, I was thinking that I was going to go to sleep, but heck I already waited this long.. I was tuned in to CNN live from I think it was 8pm, so I decided to wait it out, plus I had a good afternoon nap that I wasn't sleepy yet.
It started at around 1am with a message from Nelson Mandela as read by Smokey Robinson the a long pause since they had a problem with the audio system in the Staples Center, when the audio was fixed a choir started singing and Michael's casket was brought in by his brothers. Mariah and Trey sang I'll be there, Jennifer Hudson, Will you be there, Usher, Gone to soon and some others I cannot remember anymore, There were many touching remarks from some of his friends, Brooke Shields' was especially touching as was Marlon Jackson's. Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson spoke and some other people I don't know.

I was teary eyed the whole show but never did have any tear fell until Paris talked, a short but spoken from heart on how great a father Michael was and how much she loved her father. I don't think anyone ever thought that any of his children would be speaking let alone be whole heartedly touched by what she said. I believe that hearing from his child on how great he was enabled us too peek at a facet of Michael's life that the world is not really privy to and that is what kind of a father he was and it seems that he was very close to his children and that he was really a good father to them.

The service ended around 3:40am, my time again, with his casket being rolled out again by his brothers, with the song man in the mirror playing in the background.

His memorial service was the very beautiful, solemn and celebrated his life, his talent and his death. I think his fans was very much satisfied with the memorial/funeral service except for one thing, I myself had hoped for, that we hoped that it was an open casket.

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