Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trying to see the silver lining

I really haven't been myself lately. MOre and more I'm growing tired and irritable lashing out at everybody... How I wish that life will be much simplier....

But heck. I'm trying... trying to change my ways I'm trying to be more cheerful and trying not to get mad at everything and everyone. I try to understand and see the beauty of everything that is going on, even if it is hard.

I'm trying to enjoy my world a little bit although it's not easy with a dark cloud that always seems to be hanging over my head. Well who would have thought that I'd be this bleak personality. But heck all this rambling is making my head hurt. I know I tend to overtalk and over analyze but that's just how I am. I get upset when things don't go my way, I think that that is a normal reaction. I try to understand even if my rationale wouldn't agree with me. I let it slide in the hopes that everything will go fine once the dust has settled.

I know that God is good and that God is good all the time and I know I can count on him even as I sink deeper into this abyss. God will be there he will pull me out and I cling to that hope

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