Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ramblings... or so...

You might say again???

But, Yes, here I am again.. rambling on and on about my life.. hahahaha.. it's not such a bad life when you think about it... but sometimes, all those ugly stuff gets to me and I get frustrated and I get sad and lonely and then all I can think of is how troubled my life is....

Hahaha.. again... but you know what... I find myself happy most of the times when I don't sit down and let it get to me... but again.. most of the time.. it does.. get to me.. coz i'm this all emotional blob that wants life to be perfect and happy and trouble free... Sometimes I wake up and want all my troubles to go away and well, that's not always the case

I have a generally good life.. A good husband who loves me and takes care of me as much as he could and gives me as much as he could all the same.

My children are smart, and generally healthy. My son is always my delight. My daughter always my sunshine. No matter how naughty they are. I see them as our legacy to the world and it always gets me how fast they are growing and how I can't seem to keep up.

I am living a good life where I am able to help and take care of all my loved ones and give them generally what I can and we are not left wanting.

How many times have I wished my life better. How many times I hope to do something else.. but everytime I try... I just go back to where I am right now, go back and thank God that I am here.. I am right where I want to be.

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