Sunday, September 28, 2008

Slowly learning to let go...

I'm not certain how life will be tomorrow, if our problems will persist or if more problems will come or if they'll be solved in time.
But somehow, I'm learning to let of of my worries, I just lift everything up to the LORD. I'm slowly learning and slowly living a little bit more....Today I'm so glad that the day is almost over and I didn't get mad.. not once.. There are mishaps mind you.. thing that needed to be worried about but I decided to lift it al up to the Lord. I/We are not able to go to church to attend mass today since my daughter is still sick, but I watched mass on the television and somehow for now that has to be enough but I will have learned definitely not to miss mass anymore, it grounds me, my husband and our family together and that shouldn't be something I should compromise.
Now, whenever I feel the need to worry. I pray. short bouts of prayers but somehow it calms me and I am realizing that it works very well with me and I know that God is there and will be there for me and my family for always.

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