Monday, September 01, 2008


It's been a while that my household helper has been giving me problems I was trying so hard to preserve her since her twin sister works for one in-law and their elder sister for another in-law, so as much as I can I tried to be patient with her even if she has been lax in her work for the past couple of months.

But last Saturday was the final straw for me. She went out so early in the morning, it wasn't even 7am yet, and since it was the weekend we woke up late, so when we woke up she was already gone, and to top this she didn't ask for permission is she can go out that day, no one knew where she went and why. Then to cap it off, she returned home the following morning at 5am. Wow! can you imagine? We tried calling her cellphone but she wasn't the one who answered it and that girl only assured me that my helper was okay and I got mad coz first and foremost my nanny was my responsibity and we didn't know the people she was with for all we know she was already being sold to a prostitution den.

At this time, we were contemplating on firing her or letting her stay on, so I together with her elder sister who wasn't able to sleep worrying about her, had a talk with her. My first impression was that she wasn't sorry for what she did, making us all worry about her welfare, she was even defiant about it. Another is that she is so keen on continuing with a networking company she joined that she will do most anything to do as she pleases. During this conversation that I decided to finally let her go. I cannot have an employee that is defiant and not sorry for any wrong she's done. I just hope that one day she will reach the dreams that the networking company promised for her and that all the effort and all that she sacrificed for it will be worth it all. Who knows, it's a one shot deal and maybe she'll make it.

Well, she hasn't left the house yet, i think, she hasn't come to me for her salary yet and she is still as defiant as one can be, you want to bonk her in the head but heck, what can I do, she's old enough to know what she wants and if that is what she wants then I'll give her what she wants. I would like to think that I have been more than fair to her and I have given her more than any other employee, and maybe one day she'll come to realize the benefits that I have bestowed on her and know that not everyone gets what I have given her.

And as a final note.... Good riddance!!!

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