Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's not easy but being a bum is such a pleasure that now the time comes when I need to start doing some serious work!!!

I mean my new helper is not so much used to working, an apprentice so to speak and so we still have to adjust to her and still needs to help her out in household chores and stuff.
But I'm glad, somehow the tension is relieved, I'm not walking on eggshells anymore, plus my eldest is not having a hard time anymore trying to keep up with my old helper. Now she is able to ask for assistance from the new helper and in that regard I am glad.

But now I need to work a little bit more than I used to and have to help out specially that my in-law's own helper is about to leave since she already got married and will be living with her husband soon. so I cannot let my helper just do all the work for the two families, my hubby and I have to do our part in order to keep the house in order, and that is a though order with 5 children lugging around the house.

But we keep up and we know we can manage..... somehow.... ^_^

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