Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mad at everybody

These past few days my temper has been at an all time high, i don't know why but im feeling the brunt of the anger that's been brewing, I am trying hard to control my temper but so far I have been unsuccessfull. I just hope that this does not give me heart attack.

It has been raining all day long, probably due to the current typhoon that is sweeping the country and the gloomy weather is cooperating with my glooomy feeling...

My daughter supposedly hasn't been feeling well and milking it for all it's worth but the thing if she wants to play with her cousins all her pain disappears...

Right now, my thoughts are all a jumble.. and I'll try to put them into coherent thought one of these days..... and maybe.. just maybe make it coherent enough to write it here.. ^_^

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