Sunday, May 04, 2008

Saying Goodbye to a friend

Yesterday, lunch time brought about sad news..

A friend who has been sick for the longest time, succumb to her sickness and lost the fight...

Maritess as I remembered her was a very jolly young lady.. full of promise, full of potential, but three years ago she was diagnosed with lupus, since then she was in and out of the hospital, and finally yesterday morning, she lost the fight..

It is such a sad sad note to realize that I will no longer see her smile or hear her infectious laugh.. Tess as friends fondly call her, me included, was a happy girl, always giddy like a regular teenage girl who anticipates a happy life in front of her...but the disease that overtook her, took that promise away, now she's gone, leaving her dad, her mom, and sister at a loss for what they will do since they are not ready to let her go...

'Tess, I will fondly remember you, I will not remember the lifeless body that you now become.. I will always remember the smiling face of a happy teenager who see's the promise of life in front of her.. I will remember how you always seem to have a happy smile, someone who always offers her food to me... I will always remember the beautiful person you are...I will remember fondly the short but beautiful memories you left not only to me but all the people you touched... Rest now, you're suffering is over, no more pain, no more medications, no more injections... Rest now my friend, our love is with you and the memories will remain forever in our hearts...Bye Tess, you will stay forever in my heart.

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