Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The internet, and the obiquity of useless information

I'm not much into gossip and all those stuff, but of course, when I get wind of something juicy, my natural inclination is to find out about it.. Though I wouldn't really go out and seek gossip...

I started the note with that since Hannah Montana caught my attention and I've been watching it for sometime now and then I got wind of 'racy' photos of Miley Cyrus.. it got my curiosity peaked..
I looked through the internet and looked for the said pictures. In all honesty I was expecting to see a nude or an almost nude pic at the very least.. but what I saw was somekinda normal pics. Pics wearing 2 pcs bikinis, having fun with friends... I didna see anything 'racy' about it...I've seen more 'outrageous' pictures from dating sites and online friend finder sites where the only thing covered in some girls was their nipples. Miley wasn't even close to being naked in the very sense of the word.
Yes she's young. call me liberated if you must, but she's a teenager and allowed to do some crazy stuff, besides it's not even a sure fire thing that those pics were her. Some might have doctored, to put it mildly.

Anyways, sometimes I love the internet and sometimes, like this one when I feel like it has gone way overboard, piling up bunch and bunch of useless information. Oh yeah Miley is a star, a superstar indeed and juicy tidbits may become an avenue for gain but for pity's sake, she's still young and done nothing that can be construed as particularly wrong.

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