Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm 33

Oh my my my..

On the 27th I turned 33, I don't think I'm old though, just right i think. I am generally a happy individual, but I've been feeling a little bit laid back. Although we are having some financial problems since my two kids are already in school (double the tuition fee) unlike last year when only one of them was in school. I want to do more work online but haven't really found anything worth my trouble, if you get my drift. I've done a lot of writing since the start of this year and I think I'm feeling the burnout coming in so I really am taking it slow and I want to concentrate on more mundane stuff like data entry online or some trivial writing, not like what I've been doing the last few months where a lot of research is necessary, to make a good paper. I'm wanting to revive myblogging and paid forum posting and see how it goes from there...

Well anyways Happy Birthday to me and all birthday celebrants of the month of May.

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