Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My new toy

Despite the nagging problems that linger in my mind and the headaches that continues to plague us, there are times when fate smiles upon us and we are given a reprieve, sometimes, a wonderful reprieve.

This past week I was given the privilege to fulfill a dream. Through the goodness of some people's hearts I was able to procure for myself a laptop, a high end one at that.
It's an ASUS notebook. 1.86 GHz intel dual core, 2 GB memory, with 128 MB ATI radeon express video card, 80G HD sata, DVD writer and Windows Vista for the OS
I dreamed of having a laptop I can use for my work, I can now work, in transit and at home, giving me more flexibility.

Another good thing is that I can even stay in bed while working.

I'm so happy I can even work in the living room since we were able to buy a wireless device that enables me to access my dsl connection without the lan cables.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

ako din! i can use my laptop in the dining hall or living room. It feels goo since it could be very hot in my room! thanks for the wireless... nakadamay din ako :)

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