Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mom knows best - hearing and heeding her for once...

Advises as such is a nuisance. Specially when it comes from the 'oldies' but the other night as I was talking to my mom, we got to talking about our wishes to migrate to Canada and be with her and my bro and sis. I told her that I was praying to God that if He was willing I'd like to be with them. She corrected me at once (typical of my mom) and said I was saying my prayers wrong. She told me... Tell God what you want. Not what He wants. He already knows what He wants, it your turn to tell Him what you want Him to give you. For once in my life, I was ready to listen to her and know that somehow, there is a truth in her words, she sampled the way we tell her what we want, you don't ask me if I want you to do that, you tell me that you want to do that and it will be up to me if I'll support you or not. Think of God as the same as that. tell Him what you want and it will be upto Him if He'll give it to you.

My mom in her own ways gives out great advises, sometimes just not in the right tone, so more often than not we, her children, tend to ignore her 'advises'. But as I said now it seems that I find a truth in her words and I find that I am ready to listen to her and heed that advise. Her heart is always in the right place I know and for once her words stuck with her heart.

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