Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Starting Over... Again?

I feel like that's all I ever do... start over and then start over again.

I feel like it's a never ending process of simply starting and never finishing. I try not to worry over things to much but things have a way of getting all chaotic and I find I need to start over again.

Much like our room which I re-arrange and re-arrange again, I feel that's how my life is going. A series of start ups and never ever reaching the goal. So many things I want to do in my life but everything seems to block my way. Finances, other goals and stuff, gets in the way and I dont' get to do what I want... More often than not, that frustrates me and makes me vulnerable to temper bursts such... I wanted to find a way to make my life a little easier, meditation, which I never actually learned, play (online games and stuff) but all it gave me was temporary relief. I'm still looking and finding ways to completely heal myself and stop starting over.

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