Monday, January 21, 2008

Protect yourself from Identity Theft

Afraid of identity theft? With the advent of technology, the computer and the internet, we are exposed to hackers and thieves. Identity theft is a real and it is a growing problem. There is valid reason to be anxious. More often than not, we will not even realize that our identities have been stolen till we receive our credit card bills or when our mailbox suddenly gets filled with demands for payment. We don’t realize that it’s so easy for hackers and thieves to get our personal information. Our identities are vulnerable to these people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
That’s where LoudSiren or Debix comes in. The simple solution to an otherwise complicated problem. Debix is your first hand protection against identity theft. The good thing about Debix is that, it stops identity theft before it happens, saving you the trouble of cleaning up the mess. Before any account is opened under your name, LoudSiren thru its unique system contacts you first, verifies your identity thru your phone, pin number and a pre recorded voice key, so no one can impersonate you, assuring you of identity protection, letting you approve or deny a loan or credit application before it is actually processed. Not only that, Debix also protects your mail from junk and spam, and limit telemarketing calls especially those that comes from pre-approved credit card.
When you enroll with LoudSiren, you can rest easy, knowing your identity is safe with Debix Identity Protection Network

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