Tuesday, January 08, 2008

On children, discipline and raising them

I have heard of the news of Britney Spears losing not only custody of her children but also visitation rights. Hmmm.... I wanted to say that, it's wrong and that she should be allowed to take care of her children but I'm thinking that she's on the road to self destruction and if her children stays with her she might take them along with her....

Comes to mind the children here in the house, for those who's not familiar with me, I live with my in-laws. In the house there are five children and only two are mine. The other kids are my niece and nephews by law. The children here are 2, 6 and 8. three boys and two girls. And with different parents, it's very difficult to keep up the discipline and it's not always easy, not to step on the line of the other parents, specially when the kids get rowdy. I was shall we say 'castigated' by one parent coz I was trying to discipline his kids... and boy was I pissed. He wanted me to report to him everytime his kids gets naughty, he believes in the thought that only the parent has the right to discipline his child. I am not against it, but not totally for it. What if the parent aint' around? Should I just let the child get on with his unruly ways and ignore his antics? I believe that in this sense, I am the second in line to parents, if they are not around ,shouldn't I be allowed to discpline the children and not wait for them to come home before they get scolded. I was even pissed off, coz I didn't even touch the kid, I just in a sense, scolded them for being unruly, and he would smack his children if his temper got away with him... argh.. it just gets to me sometimes..... and it's not easy to control myself, so I lock myself in our room and just seethe till i get myself under control or else.... I might do something I might regret later

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