Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Magnetic Jewelry, you said?

Last Sunday, my best friend and her boyfriend visited the house and it was nice to finally meet this guy, Lany has been raving about for sometime now... but there was a catch.. harharhar... She said that to convince the guy to finally visit, she said that he can do a demo of a product he's been marketing, It was a magnetic jewelry that enables the body to heal itself thru magnetic fields and such... and for the sake of friendship, I coerced my family to listen, it wasn't a long explanation/demonstration, but it was nice to have seen Lany's boyfriend at work. I am not sure how it works, but he demonstrated it's charms and benefits and I feel that it's a good product and it works. my only problem with it? it's kinda expensive, the cheapest products costs 7,000 that's a little less that USD200 and for a trinket, that's expensive for us.. that 7k is already a months salary of a meager worker here in our country, so it's hard to shell out so much for such a little thing. But I admire Ed, his persistence and belief in his product is real and well, it does work, the demos proved it, and I'm thinking about it, specially with health considerations all over... Hmmm.. we'll just see how things work. :)

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