Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm a Wood Rabbit!!!

It's the new year and after the western new year.. chinese new year is the next topic at hand....I just had my chinese horoscope taken at friendster. I knew I was a rabbit, but now I know the full the details, I'm a wood rabbit...
Well here's what they thought....

General Description:

Rabbits, like their animal counterparts, are quite calm people who do not
exhibit aggressive behavior and will avoid confrontation at all costs. When
angry about something, a Rabbit will approach it calmly and considerately,
hardly ever raising his voice or becoming visibly annoyed. Because of their
serenity, Rabbits seem to miss things, whether they are confrontational in
nature or not. However, the Rabbit is quite keen and pays close attention to the
situations developing around him. He is intelligent and quick and can talk
himself in or out of most situations with no problem.The Chinese Rabbit is one
of the most stylish creatures of the Chinese Animal Signs and finds interest in
different cultures. He is classy and sophisticated, and can be found adorning
one of the latest fashion magazine cover looks. Rabbits also like artistic
ventures, such as painting and music and are generally quite present in these
worlds. They love top express themselves, which is evident when joining them at
home for a function or a cup of coffee.

Wood Rabbits:

Wood Rabbits tend to be the least bit indecisive. This is probably due to their always wanting to play the peacemaker and not wanting to hurt other people's feelings. Wood Rabbits are incredibly generous souls and like to avoid the spotlight instead preferring to live amongst others. These people are always kind enough to help you move into a new house, make you a hot cup of coffee or to listen while you rant and rave about your latest character flaw. The Wood Rabbit can sometimes be too kind for his own good, thus causing him to be taken advantage of and sometimes even used by others unknowingly. Rabbits have to learn to say no and to put their feet down or their cups will overflow.

They also mentioned rabbits to be kind, affectionate but can be cautious and superficial at times. Rabbits are sensitive, tactful, home loving, refined, prudent, discreet, long-living, ambitious, cultured, well-mannered, artistic, considerate, scholarly, suave, graciously hospitable, modest and unimpeachably virtuous but they can also be snobbish, secretive, pedantic, complicated, haughtily indifferent, self-indulgent, hypochondriacally, punctilious, judgmental, self-righteous, deceptive, self-centered and terminally condescending

Hmmm..... well, some of are true of me, but not all, I can say that this reading is fairly accurate... harharhar... It's a nice thought that I share these traits with other people and that somehow we are guided by unseen hands...

It's always nice to listen to horoscopes and readings and always fun to know good fortunes await me this year or that I need to take care of certain things in another year, stuff like that.. but I do believe that the power of prayer and the mercy of God will always, always overpower anything and everything else...


Nicole said...

Oh, I wonder what I am.
Wood Rabbit sounds nice :D


CaNdi said...

hahaha.. Thanks...

Yeah.. Wood Rabbits 'are' nice... :)

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