Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hard to be a mom...sometimes

Sometimes I feel so messed up about being a mom. Like now, my daughter has her 3rd quarter examinations coming up next week and of course, it means study time for her and for me. I would love it, if she's able to study on her own and I can do my job and be left alone, but of course I'm a mom, darnit! And helping out my kids is topmost priority. And generally I am ok on that idea but sometimes, when my children, my daughter to be exact, coz my son ain't studying yet, acts up and refuse to study or acts lazy, I get stressed and frustrated. I want her to have the best possible education and I want her to be, not necessarily on top of her class, but at least on the upper part of her class. She is a very bright kid and I don't want to waste her smarts just because she refuse to study. She knows it too, but I know kids can be kids and she is just 6 and still prone to playing all day long, if I let her that is. But examination week is up and she needs to study, she still bungles her spelling, so it's important she improves on that.... I just hope that this day ends up different than how it's starting or else I might just check myself into a mental facility.... ^_^


Jocelyn said...

They say when you become a parent, you become a changed person. There are pros and cons to being a mom, a wife-- but mostly in my opinion, marriage and kids offer a lot of positive things in one's life. I know for sure that when I did, I became a more responsible, less of a selfish person and my life has more meaning. Good luck and thaks for hopping by my blog! :)

CaNdi said...

yes, you said it, motherhood and marriage changes a woman. Generally for the better but as I said there are times when you get so fed up specially when the children are being difficult and you wish with all your might that they would just follow you

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