Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pushed to the Limit.....

It's not always easy to hold your temper specially when your child is having fits.... But I learned that being a good parent also entails, accepting the fact that children will have fits/tantrums and that they will do it, even in groceries, parks, or in church....
What to do, what to do???
First we should understand that sometimes tantrums are our kids way of saying they need something. Secondly, it will be hard at first but patience and an air of calmness will help, if your child sees that you are not affected by his/her tantrum he will stop, let us not let our temper run away with us, specially with children or else we'll just end up angry, frustrated and nothing is solved.
I read in a magazine article that it always helps to change our perspective: "my child is having a problem, not being a problem."
Then look for the root of the behavior: "what is the child telling me with his behavior?"
And finally ask yourself, what is my agenda? What is my child's agenda? What do I expect from my child and myself?

Thinking about this is not easy and will never be easy... It takes time, but if we are conscious of our actions, we might get it in the end. It's not always easy being a parent and it's not always easy trying to keep calm amidst the chaos our children can bring but with presence of mind and simple mind setting, we can make it thru and in turn help our children be better people in the end.

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