Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Pleasant Surprise :)

I don't normally fetch my daughter from school, but since their Christmas Party is coming up, we decided to go to the mall, directly after fetching her from school, as we (Raiden and I) were waiting for Hannah at the school gate, a familiar voice shouted my name, and I looked for the source of the voice, and sitting at the driver seat of her car was Malou, Jill's (Hannah's classmate) mom, and she asked me if I had seen the day's copy of The Philippine Star, I said no, she said that Hannah was there... and she preceded to show me the copy of the newspaper.... WOW!!! she was actually there....It was a special section of the newspaper, highlighting Diliman Preparatory School, Hannah's school, since it was their 38th anniversary. No, Hannah didn't do anything special or significant, but together with her other classmates, Lyka and Linette, they posed for a photo and found themselves in the newspaper, a part of the celebration of DPS 38th anniv... I'm glad that of all the students of DPS and of all the photo's that are taken of these student, they chose to publish that of my daughter and her classmates. It really was a pleasant surprise for me and the family, and Hannah of course is the proudest of all!!!

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