Tuesday, December 04, 2007

offending commercial?

I recently saw the ad of the government regarding breast feeding, and frankly, I'm quite offended by it.

I have nothing against breastfeeding, breastfeeding mothers and the government's drive to encourage mother's to breast feed their kids. But, they should also give ahm shall we say respect to the mother's who cannot, for whatever reasons, valid or not, do this and opt to give their child milk from the bottle.

For those who haven't seen it, it goes like this:
ang gatas ng baboy para sa biik, ang gatas ng aso para sa tuta, eh ang gatas ng baka, para sa anak mo? Hindi hayop ang anak ko noh.. (translation: pig's milk are for piglets, dogs milk are for puppies, what about cow's milk? for your child? my child is not an animal I forgot how the rest of the commercial goes but that's the gist of it, they show piglets feeding from their mommy pigs and puppies feeding from their mommy dogs, then a cow, then a human baby being fed from the bottle.

As I've said I've got nothing against breast feeding and nothing against the government's drive to have mom's breast feed their children, I myself have breast fed my children for a time, but weaned them into the bottle. Not everyone has the liberty to continue breastfeeding their kids, work considerations, sometimes the mom is not healthy enough to breastfeed and any such events/conditions.

I hope that the government can think of another way to promote breastfeeding than saying that mother's who don't breastfeed consider their children animals by giving them milk from the bottle. That is not the way it is and even they know it.


Shawn T Lippert said...

Here in america you are allowed to publicy breast feed as long as you cover up with a shaw or something so you wont expose yourself to our public indecency laws.

Shawn T Lippert said...

In america, public breast feeding is allowed, cows milk we all give our baby's except for lactose intollerable baby's. Strange they would make a commercial like that, but then again you are in a little bit of a different culture than ours.

CaNdi said...

yes, they want to promote breast feeding here that's why they did that commercial, in a sense telling us that if we give milk formula to our children we are considering them to be calves.

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