Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Phone.... Again...

This morning was what you can say another typical day.... until one of our nephews said that there was no phone.... we checked... double checked and then triple checked connections, but he was right the phone had no dial tone, we had another phone set up with another telephone company, as a back up for our internet and telephone but that too had no dial tone...oh-oh.. what happened... but then I realized that I had an internet connection, whoah.. what's happening.. usually if it's cable theft, which is rampant in our area, then there will also be no internet connection as well as telephone line.... hmmm... I was fearing the worst, but the connection hasnt' disconnected yet, even till now... hmm... I guess my business will run normally..
We went outside and got wind that one of the telephone companies was fixing the cables up our street, so we went and ahm, investigated, alas, we found out that the cables caught fire last night.. so the reason for the lack of telephone connection, with both telephone companies, and they said even the cable tv got affected, so it wasn't cable theft after all, but still we got no phone... but I'm still thankful we got an internet connection.

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