Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Shopping almost over....

Well, it's already the 21st and I'm about 80% done Christmas shopping... there's still some to go... I'm tired.. but not really... I'm one who enjoys malling and buying stuff... specially if I know I got the money to spend.. Although it's not always easy to choose gifts and it's mostly a tiring thing to go.. walking around and stuff, I do enjoy it and I do like to window shop.....Sometimes it's hard to choose gifts to give, specially if you really aim to please, not just to simply give for the sake of giving. And of course there's the budget to consider, expensive enough not to cause disappointment or shame but cheap enough to be able to buy for more people....
Christmas really brings out the worst and best in people. I really just hope that the gifts I bought for my loved ones will be well appreciated.

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