Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bonding Time....

I had the pleasure of spending the day with my daughter last Thursday as I accompanied her on her first field trip. We were early at school right in time for the call time of 7:00, Teacher checked the attendance and we waited till 7:30 to start boarding the bus, I'm glad the bus left on time, 8:00 am.

We arrived at Greenbelt past 9:00 and stayed on line for another 30 minutes or so... The play was worth the wait... We saw Repertory Philippines rendition of Cinderella, starring Cris Villonco as Cinderella and Niccolo Manahan as Prince Charming, the show started at around 10:30, it was an adaptation of Disney's Cinderella, I think the most well loved rendition of children all over the world. I do believe that the children and the parents, are quite happy with the show, the show had a sort of an audience participation where the fairygod mother asked the children for the magic word, and actually said some of the magic words the children shouted out, and it's nice, the children feel part of the show, and prince charming also fitted the glass slippers with the audience, some of the girls fitted the slippers and really felt part of the show, it's nice and we really enjoyed watching and participating in the show.

Next stop was lunch! Inside the bus.. .harharhar, but it was alright, the bus was quite comfortable and roomy, maybe because I only had a little girl beside me. I was glad coz' my daughter ate well that day, maybe because she got hungry watching the show and anticipating the next stop.

Museong Pambata was our next stop in our 3 stop tour, it was fun to see all the exhibits there, Hannah was so excited she didn't know where to go first, we visited, i think 7 or 8 rooms with different themes, old manila, the nature, science room, the body, common market, sports room, career room if there was more, I can't remember anymore. It was amazing to see amazement in the eyes of the children and after that we visited the gift shop and bought a stencil gift set, outside there were street vendors selling some toys, there was a pokemon squeaky toy that Hannah and Jill asked us to buy for them, Malou, the other parent, bought it for Hannah and we went back to the bus anticipating the next stop.... STAR CITY. a carnival type park where the children are anticipating rides and me, the shopping.

Now, the kids were all excited about star city, they anticipated mostly the rides, I was glad I was wearing rubber shoes, my feet hurt and hurt even more running after 3 children.... Malou with Jill and me with Hannah hooked up with another of their classmate, Kate with mom Joy. And we all enjoyed the rides, we rode the roller coaster, Snow White Ride and Little Mermaid, and the carousel. We only had 2 hours to spend inside Star City, so we tried to make the most out of it, The children wanted to go to Snow World, an articificial world of snow... but it wasn't part of the ride all you can ticket and we had to pay an additional hundred pesos for each person to enter, but the kids wanted in so we decided to let the kids have their fun and so we shelled out 2 hundred bucks each, it was so cold inside and we didn't really get a chance to go to the slide, Hannah was already shivering and I decided just to go out, at least we experienced how it was inside.. and that was all that mattered.
All in all the day was fun and tiring, but i had a great time spent with my daughter....

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