Friday, November 30, 2007

My oh my oh my.... here we go again....

Yesterday... a commotion at around lunch time... my sister in law called up and asked about it... we have no idea since the television wasn't on. She said that something was going on at Makati.. so I opened the TV. Wah-la a flash report... Senator Trillanes and Gen Lim of the oakwood mutiny a few years back are at it again. They walked out of their hearing and they were asking for the ouster of PGMA, if you can just imagine, I can symphatize with their cause, their frustrations with the way the government is being run and the rampant corruption and red tape from the lowest rank of goverment (brgy level) to the highest (president) everything but I don't know if the way they chose to go is the way to go. I'm far from a Gloria Arroyo fan and I'm not too keen on her being the president, but that's the luck of the draw, I mean, everyone or almost everyone, with a very select few who didn't, who sat at the seat of the Presidency become corrupt or more corrupt, it's not only here in the Philippines but in other countries as well, even the US, no one is spared. So we cannot single out Mrs. Arroyo but they just hurt themselves in the process... There are other means and other ways to deal with corrupt officials. And what happened yesterday at Makati, just proves how much we cannot actually deem to fight the likes of Arroyo who stands firm in their own beliefs.

I don't know what his plans were, was it simply to disrupt the day, then he succeeded with flying colors, the time stopped, awaiting the events. His plans, were half baked or ill prepared i could say. the government took care of that as easily as swatting a fly. so if disruption were all he wanted, then he did it. But as for real ouster of current officials, he failed miserably, I think they have forgotten how 'enemies of the state' are dealt with by this government. I'm not saying they are wrong in trying to keep the peace but they can be ahm shall we say firm? And sometimes it doesn't all end good.....

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