Tuesday, November 13, 2007

God's Grace...

I oftentimes shy away from talking about religion or anything pertaining to faith and all that stuff coz I don't want to sound hypocritical. But there are times when you have no choice but to talk about something that you felt or experienced, even though it's not your normal cup of tea.

As I've blogged about a couple of posts back, my youngest son has been sick and I've been worried sick about him, I'm not able to sleep well and I'm not as productive as I could be if I wasn't all focused on my child. Two nights back, I have been praying so hard, coz I know that I cannot last longer if I continue on what I was doing. I was bound to get myself sick, I'm not getting a decent rest, am stressing too hard and I felt like I cannot do anymore except pray. And I did just that, prayed so hard, to make my child well, for Him to heal my baby boy. I think I never prayed harder with simple words than when I pray long and with elaborate tones. But as I was praying, I noticed a peace of some sort came over me. A thought came... if I entrusted my child to God and if I give everything up to HIM and I actually truly believed that He encompasses all, then I should be at peace and know that God is watching over my child and I shouldn't have anything to worry about. And for the first time in weeks, I was able to sleep soundly and I was able to rest. Thank God.

I know that sometimes we feel that God isn't there. Or we think that God doesn't listen, but in my experience, God always listens, He hears. He might not give us what we want at that precise moment, but He gives us what we need and what we want at the right time. There's a time for everything I guess, even a time for God to give us His chosen blessings. I write this not to sound religious or as I've mentioned hypocritical, but I guess to send an inspiration to people who have started loosing hope, that there is hope, that God is here, we just need to trust HIM and trust that He knows what is best for us.

By the way, my son is continuing on his recovery. His rashes are all but gone now, he also slept soundly as I did for the past 2 days, He stopped scratching. And he's been fever free for a week now. And it looks like everything's gonna be A-OK. :)

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