Friday, November 23, 2007

Culmination of Events...

the week is about to end and the celebrations are also about to end. My mother in law's 70th birthday has been a success and I'm quite glad for it and our visitors are leaving in the morning.. Tito Meno and Tita Cecile will go back to Texas and Tito Susing and Tita Baby with Tita Vilma will go back to the province. We will have our room back and I get to sleep on my bed again... Hehehehe.. But we are happy they spent their times here....I just started this post.. I'll edit later.. I'm quite sleepy... and it's time to rest my head.. Lest I wake up late tomorrow.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

the past days have been hectic... time to rest na ba? ako di pa.. so much to do pa and I still have a big headache and am still sleepy but got to work... arghhhh!!!

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