Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kids, kids, kids....

I wouldn't dare say that my kids are perfect or I'm a perfect mother, my children are both my bane and my reward. I love them to pieces and know that I will die for them. But sometimes their 'antics' just gets to me you know. As any parent will tell you, I guess, it's never easy to raise children, and harder if you cannot take full responsibility of their discipline and growing up since some people tend to over rule you over certain stuff. Lately though, my bane has gone from manageable to unbearable, my youngest son has been sick for the last couple of days and I've been trying to take care of him, I have gone without sleep just to make sure he sleeps ok and that everything is fine with him. It's not an easy task and the lack of sleep and the stress and fear of what can happen, I guess any parent goes through this every time a child of theirs get sick or something, just got to me and I'm all wrought up, then add to this, my eldest child is feeling neglected since I'm devoting so much time with her brother, now she is being rowdy and naughty and sometimes just simply refuse to follow instructions. I know I'm ranting here but arrggghhhh, I just feel the need for it, release all pent up emotions or else, I'm afraid that I might just take it out all on my kids and that wouldn't be nice, sometimes, it's better just to let it all out than let other people take the brunt of all my frustrations.

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