Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blasts, blasts, blasts

Investigations in the recent blast at a mall here in our country is not yet over, dispute over what really caused the blasts hampers investigations. That blast left many dead, now last night, another blast! This time at Batasan Pambansa, the seat of Congress in our country, it left a Congressman dead and 3 others, plus more injured. I cannot believe what some people would go through just to be noticed, or prove a point. They don't care, even if they kill a life, it is so sad, that in the state our country is in, they still manage to make it worse.

I'm not a political person, the most political thing I do is exercise my right to vote. After that, I'm generally your ordinary day to day person. But things like this strike me. How could people be so callus with life, as if it means nothing. We manage to screw our lives more than it already is. With all the problems that plague the everyday person, all they think about is add more terror. Striking fear in the hearts of everyday people, cause, if a supposedly secure building, like that of the Batasan can be bombed, how else simple installations, unsecured and unguarded.

What is happening in our country? Sometimes, I don't want to blame some people for wanting to leave the country but where if everybody does that, where will our country be then? I don't know, life here is not easy, but I want to believe that it will not be easier to leave. Well, that's my thought.

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