Friday, October 05, 2007

Stilling the Mind...

Right now my mind seems to be racing and I have thoughts and more thoughts that just hinders everything.. Hahaha.. Who would've thought that even the the thought of thinking can send my mind bonkers.
I am boosted by adrenaline but overpowered by fatigue and my mind is a complete chaos.. attempting to still it seems to be futile and right now, all i can think about is... whohoo..time to do more work in order to make more money... Hahaha.. Who's to say I aint' right...dang! I dont' think I'm making any sense at all, but, what the hey, I'm still attempting to uncrowd this mind that seems to have chaos permanently etched.
I wanted a chance to write in a more constructive manner, and make my thoughts more.. ahm.. concise and precise as to what I want to deal with, but it seems that the more I try to sort thru it, the more I tend to cloud the issues.. this blog really seems to make no real sense to me, but I guess it's because there really isn't thought to it, I just let my mind wander and let my fingers do the typing without really thinking about what's in there, being written.
I just hope that I can stick to this new endeavor that is forming inside my mind with the opening of a new avenue in my atttempts at making a buck from the internet.....

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