Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Friend

I truly treasure friendship, but there are times, hard times that you have to learn to let go, learn to live fully without your friend in tow. After all the years of hardships and pains you've been through, you wake up suddenly and realized yours wasn't a friendship that was true. Continue a friendship that has no trust, no value? I think not.

CatdogI think to myself, what have I done wrong? To deserve such a punishment from a friend I thought held me dear as I did her. Trust and betrayal each share the same role in the web spun by this torturous friend. Sometimes I ask myself, maybe I haven't given enough, but then again, maybe I gave too much.

I have always lived an open life, most open to the people I truly love, my hurts, my deepest, darkest secret known to them, but instead of showing forgiveness, love and support, all I got was a stab in back! Woe to me, woe to me who trusted a friend who had nothing but hatred in her heart. A self serving, lying bi*ch who's got nothing better to do that spun lies and deceit aimed to destroy and not to build. A black heart who's lone goal is to create chaos and drift. I have discovered you, I have discovered your deceit, and I cannot let myself be tainted by your cursed presence, I wash myself of you, and your so-called friendship.

I have forgiven you and aim to forget all your lies, but I'm afraid friendship with you now is impossible. A civil manner might come later but not yet, not now, not when the embers of your betrayal still glows inside my heart. Maybe when fate deems it the we meet again, maybe when the time is right, you will know and you will learn. Life and fate has a way of paying us back for all our transgressions, I just hope that yours won't be as cruel as you.

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