Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Writer's Block??

It's been a long time since I wanted to write, but it seems with so many things on my mind I cannot formulate the right words to express my thoughts.. i kept starting but just end up closing the window, without saving anything since it's all just a jumble of thoughtless words.
On my mind I wanted to write about simple events of my everyday life and I wanted to write about valentines, then about a birthday and about a death and about so many things that pass through my mind in the course of the day but unfortunately I cannot formulate the right words and it seems that when words do come to my mind, I'm either engaged in other activities or someone else is at the computer and I cannot go online to post my thoughts...
I try and continue to try to keep my post as alive as I can possibly get it to be.
I just hope that in time and I will have posted more and more of what's on my mind in this blog and hopefully help myself and even others in sharing my thouhts


snow_drop said...

i agree wid u :)
same happens wid so many of us...
n read ur other post; abt frnshp!...yeah, it hurts n hurts a lot to be stabbed in d back,,,,n dat too, by sm1 whom u trst!....alas! such people are there in d world....
anyws, this stranger sends u gudlk fr future [:)]
gudlk :)

CaNdi said...

oh yes,
yes and that friend until now I still feel the sting of her betrayal but as you said there really are very bad people out there... good luck to you too :)

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