Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Yesterday, My mom and brother left for Canada. They will be staying with our eldest sister there for good. As we were going to the airport, we were quiet, mulling over stuff, and talking about mundane things. I never really thought that I will be affected so much by their leaving. Actually I was doing ok. We never really had a formal goodbye, since we didn't eat breakfast here at home, we had breakfast the airport cafeteria, since their luggages were not allowed inside the cafeteria we decided to take breakfast in parts. I mean, mom and my brother had breakfast first and I had to wait outside and take care of their luggages, while my husband was parking our car. After a while our mom came out and replaced me in guarding the luggages so I can have breakfast, and my husband arrived just in time to accompany me to the cafeteria. My brother was still eating that time and my hubby ordered our food, my brother talked about his tummy being upset, then while we were in the middle of breakfast and small talk, my mom motioned for my brother to come out already, so he went out and when my husband and I finished our breakfast they were already inside the airport. I called my brother's cellphone and asked how they were and if they were ok, we will be going home, but mom said to wait a while till they can check in and see if they will have excess baggage, so that we can take whatever it is that will be in excess of the allowed weight limit. So we waited, then after about 30 minutes of waiting, my mom was signaled that all was ok with them. Then it just struck me.. they were leaving. oh wow! I felt my tears started to fall, as I was walking back to the parking lot (my husband was not with me since he didn't know if he was able to lock the doors of the car, so he had to come back to the parking lot to check. I told him to stay in the car and I'll just call him (the wonders of cellular phones) if ever they will have excess baggage and I won't be able to carry it, else, I will just walk back to the car on my own) I really didn't think that I will be shedding any tears for this particular event in our lives, but until now, sadness envelopes me. Still thinking of them. Of not being able to properly say goodbye. Of not being able to hug either of them. I kept checking the flight status of their flights via the website of the airline they flew with... when they reached their stop over I knew when.. when they reached their destination this morning, I knew and I was continously texting with my sister to see if they already met and that they had indeed arrived safely in Canada. Or if they had any problems during their flight. By noon, they were already at their new home. We chatted for a while via YM, but well it was getting late in Canada and they had to get some rest, so we agreed just to talk later.
I'm glad that they arrived safely and that they will be starting a new life there, a better life. I have my family here. I know that I have my husband and children's support and I know that eventually I will be ok, that this melancholy will soon go away and everything will be back to normal. I also know that I will miss my mom and my brother, especially my brother. they will not be just an hour away. that i will not be able to talk to them when I want to. They will not be here during special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. I know that life for us here in the Philippines will not be the same with my family so far. But I still got a lot to be thankful for. God has paved the way for a better life hopefully for all of us.

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