Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What's up these days....

there's been a lot going on since my last post and a lot going on my mind, i kept wanting to write and stuff will be on my mind but when i get down to writing, my mind comes up blank, so even with all the stuff going on... i haven't been able to write anything.

I'm hoping to let my creative juices run amok for a while. I really haven't decided what to do yet, but i want to start writing something fiction and see where that will take me.

my mom and my brother and his fiance staying here with us, waiting for their time to leave the country and stay with my sister in Canada for good, and for the mean time they're staying here with us and were a bit crowded, but happy. Generally, but you know there's bound to be some tension when like minds gets cooped up together for a time. I don't like fighting but I find I cannot hold my temper against a bombardment of temper rising incidents and comments. As much as I want part of me don't want to control my temper. Darnit! I think it's time for me to finally answer for myself.. Good or bad.. that's still me.. Before when I'm accused or blamed for anything i just bow my head and listen... but now, I'm not a child anymore I can hold my own against anybody. For pity's sake.. I think it's high time I stood up and be heard.

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