Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm a Gemini =)

Gemini's great gift is communication. Ruled by Mercury, the Communication Planet, Gemini is talkative, witty and intellectual. Geminis make great novelists, songwriters, humorists, professors and politicians. Always thirsty for knowledge and information, those born under its influence are the life of every party as they keep everyone entertained with their wit and wisdom. With this verbal gift, however, comes the tendency to run off at the mouth talking too much during intimate moments, for example, when silence would be more appropriate, or engaging in reckless gossip that ends up hurting someone's feelings.

Yup this is me. :) I do believe I'm a talker. (hahaha) And yes, sometimes, I believe I talk to much. That I end up hurting even myself. hehehe

Gossiping with coworkers over the water cooler is just one of the ways Gemini might get into trouble. Breaking meetings and appointments, canceling dates with friends and being flirty with anyone and everyone all are well within the realm of possibility.

I'm a talker yes, but I don't gossip!!! hehehe.

Scheduled activities aren't exactly Gemini's strong suit; if, when the time comes to attend the meeting or appointment, Gemini feels like doing something else, they'll be hard-pressed to think of a reason not to follow their own whim or they'll become irritable at having to do something they don't want to do. Geminis are non-conformists who resent restriction and regulation.

Nope, this one's not true for me. Coz I do believe in keeping one's word and so if I said I'll go to a meeting or set an appointment. I try my darndest to be there and on time. Though, the last sentence maybe partly true for me. I am a non-conformist, yes, and I don't like to be restricted but I do know how to follow the rules/regulations and I do abide by them (most of the time, hahaha!)

Gemini does make a good worker, though, partly thanks to its famously dual-natured personality. The Twins can happily handle several projects at once. Geminis are the original multi-taskers but they lack follow-through and tend to drop projects, lovers and jobs as soon as things become even remotely dull. Gemini's dual nature also lends the ability to see all sides of an issue, but this can lead Gemini to be indecisive or non-committal. In fact, many Geminis have trouble with commitment, whether it be to a relationship, a job or a course of education; this can lead others to think of them as being rather fickle, capricious or two-faced. That's not it, though; Geminis simply want to know and experience everything and can't linger on any one thing for long.

Partly true. That's all I have to say on this matter.. (harharhar)

Geminis would do well to learn the reasons behind their own constantly changing whims, since their inability to relax and focus doesn't simply come from out of the blue. It is lent, in part, by their Mutable Quality, which lends them that go-with-the-flow flexibility, but part of the problem may also stem from a lack of concentration. There's just so much to learn, so much to find out about, there's no time to waste, right? Well, not exactly. Gemini must learn that far more can be discovered when time, focus and concentration are bestowed upon a relationship or a course of study. In going deeper and focusing more intently, Gemini will uncover those truths that seem so desirable and elusive.

I believe this is so. It's hard for me to relax, yes, since there is so many things to do and so much to experience. but I am not averse to just lounging around and doing some deep thinking ;)

Gemini could greatly benefit from taking the path of "quality, not quantity." This kind of focus and connection could be learned from Sagittarius, the Philosopher of the Zodiac, who is a thinker, like Gemini, but unlike Gemini likes to delve deeply to learn the truths of the Universe. Geminis could learn even more about close, careful focus from their Virgo friends, who can also teach carefree Gemini about the value of helping others. Finally, Gemini could look to Pisces to learn to approach life from a less intellectual, more emotional point of view.

Hmm.... I do believe in quality not quantity and I live by this. I try to approach life as such that a person should live life to the fullest and not settle for anything less.

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